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Metal Art Sculpture

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EAGLE Sculpture by Jeff Owen

Peace Bell XXV - 2014

Currently Acquirable

My sculptures combine the past and present.

I have an affinity toward the materials I work with, a deep sense of emotion, feelings, and dreams for what the material was used for at one time and will become in my hand. These direct me on my path.

My process emerges with patterns. I take one piece of steel, add to it, delete from it. I am constantly discovering the metal’s unique appeal. When the sculpture encompasses all of my creative energy, I am done.

My technique is brute force, decide-at-the-moment. The interesting shapes of metal; the patterns, textures, and grains; all entice me. I am fascinated with form.

My aspiration is to create sculpture that is completely unique; that no one has done before. I resist conformity and mass production.

My art is as individual as I am.


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I currently have my sculptures in over 45 of the United States, one in England, and one in Switzerland. Most of my"Collectors" own more than one "OWEN" and many purchase more than one piece at a one time.