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Welcome to Jeff Owen Artworks

Jeff Owen Sculptures

I try to approach each sculpture without following a set pattern.

My work begins with any idea. These ideas can begin with a found object or they can begin with no object.

When I’m in my studio I may stumble and kick a few bits here and there -- and they may just happen to throw into a pattern that sets me off, that sets off a vision of how I would create and finish. If only it all had that kind of accidental beauty to it.

My sculptures unite shapes – organically manipulated objects and textures, merging energy, allowing a spirit to emerge.

My sculpture is both negative and positive space, coexisting in one cohesive medium. The presence and substance of raw steel ignores the realm of the smelter and lives deeply, with emotion and a unique unknown clarity – deep within me.

My sculptures are an existential part of me – brought to the surface for all to see. There is no deeper communication I can express.

My work is the recombination of known and unknown abandoned and discarded objects into intriguing assemblies, collectives that necessitate a change in the viewers’ perspective from the ordinary common to the emotionally unexplainable.

I follow neither path nor direction. Every work is a culmination of time and energy in imagination, redefined in image. There is no purpose for my art; there is no sought goal or line defined. Only the collector can see the path that I traveled to the finished article, and even then it is undefined.

The act of breathing presents the viewer the expressive, dwelling deep within each composition. The questions of why and what can only be expressed by the admirer, yet can never be answered, leading to the article eliciting vulnerability and repose unto itself, changing opinion from wonder, to obfuscate, to final clarity.

There is no reason, rhyme, nor explanation to my art. It is its own self and identity, action and reaction; its own “person”. I avow title and personality to the viewer, of which no one is qualified to assign any role, objective, or reason for its existence, or lack thereof.

Within the ‘soul’, if that can be explained, my art resonates in an unknown rhythm. Discussion and essays on its performance in this world are simply the viewer’s world view, not its own, not anyone’s. When the ‘art’ is placed, positioned, or installed, claims on its space in the universe are its own.

My pleasure is creating artwork that has a life of its own. When a piece is complete, in a sense I have given life to something that was never before.

My art is my own and contains imagery from throughout my life, the world of art, and my directions. I never discount any artwork, I embrace it and feel it thoroughly to bring out its essence.

To view my art in consideration of others is a misnomer. My art must be viewed by the open mind, without hesitation or thought process as to a meaning; rather a desire, a need, or a want, a perpetual cycle that revolves within all. Finding meaning is our gift.

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I currently have my sculptures in over 45 of the United States, one in England, and one in Switzerland. Most of my"Collectors" own more than one "OWEN" and many purchase more than one piece at a one time.